Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Welcome For Him Mission Team 2021


This was one more amazing week with this new team called For Him Mission Team.  There was four gentlemen, Brian, Casey, Garrett and Tyke who have been to Monte de Horeb Ministry Campus in the past.  But we were blessed with four new gentlemen who came along with them, Jace, Drew, Clayton and Tyler.  As these eight men came together months ago, with the leadership of their team leader Rodd who could not come after much preparation for his team to come here, they came fueled up in the name of Jesus to serve Him.  Prior to coming here I think everyone reading this needs to hear how they prepared to come. They met biweekly for months doing a bible study together and learning more about the culture of Honduras through the leadership of Rodd.  It was most evident For Him was equipped to serve their Lord and Savior this week.  It is beautiful to see eight young men who love their Lord as these gentlemen do.  What a testimony for all us reading this and go on mission trips.  Because if we are not equipped spiritually for what God has in store for us we are in for an interesting journey of serving.  God is our strength, our power and our ALL on anything we have been called to do For HIM.  This team came equipped to serve and share the love of Christ with everyone they met.
Each morning they got their job duties done and yes these gentlemen can cook, wash dishes and do whatever it took to prepare them for their day!!!!  They all did their part daily as a team unified for HIM.

Let The Journey Begin

First of all I apologize for not telling you these eight gentlemen are building two homes this week but they will humbly and quickly tell you it is not about building two homes this week.  As they started their journey there was a detour through our small town neighbors in Pavana.  It is election year and the mayor is putting in a paved road through town.  So next year hopefully it will be a much smoother road to Monte de Horeb Ministry Campus.  We traveled behind on a road parallel to the main road. It carried the team daily behind the churches and brought them out at the local pulperia on the corner.  This detour was not an easy one at all.  But these gentlemen never complained.  Tyke followed each day in the Land Cruiser behind Pastor Carlos.

As they entered the journey up to Cerro Maranon community this is quiet a different story.  The community spent the week before bringing sand and gravel and leveling out this mountainous road to the best of their human ability.  But as you travel up this mountain the bumpiness goes away when you see God's beauty all around you.  Mike and I were riding behind both vehicles and I was not the only one taking photos of the rolling mountains  all around us.  This was their journey daily.  It was still a very bumpy ride but it was all For Him and this team did just this, enjoyed their daily journey up to Cerro Maranon.  I told them once they got up there they were going to arrive at a little piece of Heaven and I believe each one of them totally agreed.  You just forget what it took to get there and you enjoyed the beauty of the simplicity of this sweet village.


Kevin's New Home


Before unloading the truck and getting our first home started which is for Kevin, we gathered around the foundation where Mike introduced the team to Kevin and Greysi, his two year old.  Praise God Izela, Kevin's wife and Greysi's mother is working in Choluteca and could not be there.  But the praise is here there is an income coming in for the family.  Something here these beautiful people do not take for granted.  We gathered around the foundation while Brian led us in prayer translated by our Meida.

What a challenge it was to unload the Kia on this project.  They had to go under a barb wire fence and once under the fence they were passed materials from someone on the Kia side of the fence.  Off they went carrying everything they need to build a home, right down to the tool box.  


I could not help but think of this team's leader, Rodd, when I saw this handsome turkey and there was about three more just like him running around.  The team went straight to work helping Pastor Carlos set the cornerstones for Kevin's home.  Some even helped O'nil mix the first batch of mescal for the first block.  There is so much work that goes into laying the first block and especially for this project the location was a huge challenge which not one time did one person ever complain.  They saw the task and got it done.  They were almost ready for the praying over the first block.

The first night of devotional on Monday was led by Brian and what he said is exactly what this team did throughout the whole week especially their first day.  This first day was quiet the challenge but they came equipped by For Him by their faith in Jesus Christ.  The scripture below says so much about this week.  Because these gentlemen by trade all but two or three are in the construction business.  But this is a different way to do construction so not only did this team come down to build a home they came down and had to switch gears to do it the way the Hondurans do it.  But it is all about their faith and righteousness in Christ our Lord which saw them through.  It is not by their works so they can boast but by their love for Jesus Christ which led them all to the end of the week.

Praying Over First Block

As our snack finished up and the men got back to work they were able to get everything together for the first block of Kevin's new home.  The team gathered around Kevin and little Greysi as Garrett prayed the prayer for the future of this family and their new home.  Kevin is quiet and humble gentleman as the prayer was shared and each team member touched one another as a family unit in prayer. Thank you God for this privilege to serve You in this beautiful little piece of heaven.  Once they finished praying they were ready to get this first house into a home,


On Schedule God's Schedule

The pictures above are all from the first morning of the first house.  They did things quiet differently today than a normal day.  Tyke commented in devotionals that evening Pastor Carlos had everything lined up and people plugged in to make this unique project happen.  This was an amazing week and I will say this one time these guys worked very very hard but remember it was all for Jesus.  Not anything they could have done all For HIM.  I'm going to switch gears away from this home which did get finished by the way.  Drew's devotional one evening was about living in the flesh and not in Christ.  This week these gentlemen ran on the fuel from the Holy Spirit alone.  Drew spoke about the flesh which is sin in our lives and the Holy Spirit.  This week they definitely ran on the Holy Spirit as they tirelessly worked For Him all week.  They not only prepared through a Bible study prior to coming they spent alot of time in the evening sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ with one another and praying endlessly.  Drew said he came out of the shower one evening prior to bed time and every single man was in his bed reading his bible.   Hallelujah amen y amen.  This is how these eight men built two homes this past week.  They used their gifts God has given each of them to glorify their Heavenly Father. Drew, who is twenty years old by the way challenged everyone along with him to go back home and do this at home.  We need to make time in the morning before we go to work to spend time with our Father in Heaven.  If we do this our God of Peace will be with us always.  We need to transform our lives For Him in North America as well as Central America.


Honduran Time

We arrived after unloading the Kia and getting the corners set to a balada snack for the whole team.  The North American was in the work mode and I shouted, "You guys need to come eat these while they are warm."  Brian shouted back, "How are we going get this home built  if we stop to eat a snack."  As he said these words, he stopped and they all came over for a very delicious snack which was provided each morning for whomever wanted it.  Like I said in the last post these construction guys had to switch gears and slow down the pace a little and enjoy the hospitability of the these beautiful Honduran people.  Mike and I have been year finishing twelve years and we still are in awe of how generous they are with what they have and want to share it with us.   I believe it was Garrett who shared one evening the hospitality was something we all could take home with us.  It was genuine and giving he shared.  The level of poverty here is only materialistic one team member shared but their level of community and spirituality is what we need to learn from and take home with us.    This phrase in this bible verse speaks volumes of the people of Honduras.  Amen y amen.


Enjoyed the Children

As they were on schedule they took the time mid morning to spend with about five children who lived in this area.  Jase and Drew along with Garrett shared salvation bracelets with them.  Meida shared the different colors and what they represent about Jesus dying for our sins.  And if building two homes was not enough they had the energy to jump rope with the girls. as well.  Oh to be young again right?
Thank you gentlemen for taking time out on your water break to share a little love with the children.
This is more beautiful than the homes being built.  Well done good and faithful servants.


Noel's New Home

First of all they had to gather all their materials needed to start Noel's home after lunch.  They went down the side of the creek until they arrived at Noel's property.  This house was not quiet as easy to get to or do as Kevin's but the team persevered and did what God had called them all to do build Noel a home as well. God never said it would be easy following His Will but He did say He would be with us every step of the way and in this case every block of the way.

They met Noel and his family of eight children and his wife, Santos.  The team prayed up the rest of their day and week with Noel.  Noel and Santos have some hard working children, Greyby, daughter, age 20, who helped her mother cook all week for the Honduran workers, Deyvy(David) age 18 and was a teenage boy who came with hard work ethics for his family, Maycom age 17, Levy age 14, Devy, age 13 who all worked so hard for their family this week to make these blocks into their home.  Mavi, age nine and Antony age nine who helped also and then little Nahomi who was beautiful and always had a shy smile.  Wow this family was a family who took pride in their new home and wanted to do all they could to help the eight gentlemen who came get this job done.
At the end of day one the team was on schedule for what was expected to get done.  I give God all the glory and honor for this happening.  Amen y Amen.

Tyler's devotional on Tuesday said it all.  Yes they got their task completed but Tyler made a profound statement in his devotional. He said, "there is not anything we can do for Jesus to love us any more than right now.  You see it is not by works Jesus loves us, it is by a personal relationship with Him and daily time with Him.  What causes you to run from Jesus?  If it is your sin in your life, Jesus forgives us if we only ask for forgiveness.  So all this hard work this week was in vain if we did not have Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior.  All this hard work we did this week is not going to make Jesus love us any more.  He loves us just as we are!!!!!


Time to Relax and Have Fun

Each evening the team played cornhole and enjoyed the beautiful sunsets.  There was one evening we had a storm which knocked out the power.  This did not stop them from playing cornhole.  They used their cell phones' flashlight and had fun playing in the dark.


Worship Service on Wednesday Afternoon

After working on one of the houses mid week they stopped early to load up the materials from Kevin's home to prepare for Noel's home on Thursday.  The community was setting up church service on the porch of one of the members as the gentlemen were carrying the materials in to a storage area of her home.  She opened her home not only up for church service but a storage area for the building supplies.  Once again the generosity and hospitality of these beautiful people.

Pastor Carlos preached out of 1 John and in so many different places in 1 John.  The team was taken back how the church members did not know where 1 John was located.  This is a new church plant Pastor Carlos started back in March and there has been over fifty salvations up in this little mountian village.  Until March rolled around these folks did not know who Jesus Christ was and what He could do for their eternal home.  Pastor Carlos goes up there twice a week, Sunday afternoon and this is when his church family comes out to help him as they teach these people where the books of the bible are and on Wednesday afternoon when he goes by himself.  Because most of his home church people have jobs.  They worshipped the Lord for about an hour singing hymns, such as "How Great Thou Art" and "Victory in Jesus".  Pastor Carlos basically told them there is Heaven and Hell.  Which do you choose today?  You are not promised tomorrow and as he was preaching this, there was a man down the street where the team had gone that morning to pray over his life died during the worship service.
This changed the rest of the week for the team.  Mike, Meida, O'nil another gentleman and I rode into Choluteca to purchase a coffin.  While we were doing this, a member of the community and family member of our deceased Andres, age 78, turned his home into a funeral home where the wake would be held.  They had the viewing that evening.  Pastor Carlos went back to the campus to clean up and go pick up some of his disciples at the home church.  They went back out to the community for the wake.  Pastor Carlos arrived back to Monte de Horeb around 11 pm.  Pastor Carlos had worked all day on the home, preached an afternoon worship service and humbly returned back out there to the Cerro Maranon to attend and pray at the Wake.


Digging the Hole

Mike and I got back after purchasing the coffin to the team finishing up their dinner. Mike approached the team asking who would like to leave with him Thursday morning at five o'clock to go dig a grave for Andres.  Everyone raised their hands but the way they decided who was going was the gentlemen who are not professional block layers would go dig the hole.  At this time we were not sure if the team would be laying block at Noel's home or not.  This is a small community and everyone is family to Andres.  Pastor Carlos said the next morning there would be no work today.  So the five men who were going to lay block went on out there to be encouragement to the community.  That evening Tyke shared how they had a bible study amongst themselves and prayed for the family and community.  This was not in their plans for the week but this was definitely apart of God's plan.  Once the three got through digging the hole they returned back to the community and they left to come back to the campus.  Pastor Carlos shared with Mike later the funeral procession lasted two hours to get to the graveside.  Pastor Carlos had the casket in the back of the Kia and all the family walked behind it to where the cemetery was located.


Back To Work

Everyone got up Friday morning back to work to finish Noel's home.  All they needed to do to Kevin's is put the roof on.  So their main focus on Friday and Saturday morning was Noel's home.  Guess what this home was completed by 11 o'clock Saturday morning.  This home was not an easy task for any of them.  Noel's sons who did not weigh as much as the bag of cement carried bags continuously Friday and Saturday down an embankment through the creek up to the property of Noel.  All materials this day were carried down to the creek and to the property.  Mike and Jase got up with Yobani's assistant to put the roof on Saturday morning while the others were putting the floor down.  Everyone was working hard as their body's would allow them.  Some were mixing mescal and some were carrying the mescal to Drew who was on the ladder to pass it into the house to whoever was inside to spread the mescal out into a floor.  This was a hard day to end with but they all finished strong, very strong.   Praise God Kevin and Noel got their home all because eight gentlemen came For HIM and not for themselves. What was so beautiful about these gentlemen they never once boasted about their accomplishment because it was not about building a home I mean two homes it was about serving their Lord and Savior and grow closer to Him this week while in Honduras.   Amen y amen.


Two Home Dedications

After finishing Noel's home the team went back through the creek to dedicate Kevin's home while Pastor Carlos finished up the floor.  They gathered around Kevin's new home as they began the home dedication.   Garrett opened up with thank you for allowing us to build your home beside of you this week.  Garrett read out of 1 John 3:1 about the love our Father has for us and this is why we are here this week to share the love of Jesus with you and your family as you also have done towards us.  Clayton presented the bible to Kevin and Greysi using Matthew 16:15-18 sharing how Jesus is the reason for this home being built and the Bible will be your family's spiritual protection in this world.  Drew gave the key to the family to provide them their physical protection.  He read from 2 Thessalonians 3:3.  Tyke prayed over the home of Kevin, Izela and Greysi.

The team made their way back through the creek to Noel and his family.  They gathered around the family as Casey thank them all for letting us help them get their home.  Casey read scripture from John 3:7-10 about this home is from God and raise your children knowing who God and Jesus Christ is as your Savior.  This family during an evangelism team this past August became to know Christ as their Lord and Savior. Deyvi did not receive Christ during this time so please pray for him to know why he got his mansion on the hill.  It was not because of eight men but because of the love of Jesus Christ.  Tyler presented the bible to the family and shared how this book is your spiritual protection and you need to read it and now it daily to live in this world.  This home is beautiful and it is your physical protection but this Holy Bible is all you need for protection from this world we live in.  Jase presented the key to the family with  Proverbs 30:5 as his scripture reference.  This day of two home dedications was filled with the Holy Spirit.  Garrett shared how awesome it was God had eight people on this team, two homes and eight total opportunities to help dedicate this home.  The team thoroughly enjoyed praying and preparing together for two home dedications during their evening time together.