Friday, May 14, 2021

Ever and Marista Finally Get Their Dream Home

 Monte de Horeb Ministries first of all and foremost want to give God all the glory for the smile on Marista's face in this picture.  Hallelujah Praise HIS NAME.  Secondly Monte de Horeb Ministries wants to thank First Baptist Church of Southern Pines for being obedient to God's request of providing this home for this precious family.  We definitely missed our college group this year Pastor Bryan but hopefully one day soon you all will be able to return to Monte de Horeb Ministries and work side by side with all of us. 
This is a very unique situation not in it was difficult by no means but this family has waited over three years for this home.  At the time we met them two years ago to tell them they were receiving their home in March of 2020 Marista was holding a new born baby boy named Marcos. Now Marcos is over two years old which tells you how long this family waited patiently for this home.  Ever plays a guitar in the praise band at their community church and as well sings.  When he came up to us after church about three years ago.  He quietly ask could he could a home for his family of three at this time.  The name of this community is El Limonal and he is one of the few men who actually has steady work until the Covid hit the country as well as the whole world.  He had been working on the foundation for the home to be built in March and then lost his job.  Fast forward to 2021 Ever now works in San Pedro Sula and was able to finally get the foundation completed and ready for this past week to become a reality for himself and his family.  Jose, age eight sat in a wheelbarrow watching those walls finally going up on his home the first day.  To God be the glory for all those beautiful smiles this week and all because First Baptist Church Southern Pines was obedient to their Lord and Savior.

Fifth Home of 2021

 God blessed Ever and Maritsa with some hard working Honduran men and Mr. Mike along with our Meida.  Meida was taking pictures this week so is not in many pictures at all.  Pastor Carlos hired, Joni and Cristobal along with two of our own staff O'Neal and Yobani to build this home.  This opportunity has not only provided Ever and Maritsa with a home but the ministry was able to help two extra men put food on their table this week.  Mike and Pastor Carlos do an awesome job leading by example as always but the crew they have at this time is phenomenal in so many different ways.  They all work so well together and smoothly without any complications.  They just know what do to and when to do it.  Meida assists Yobani who now cuts all the block for Mike.  This is a huge blessing for Mike.  O'Neal, our newest addition to Monte de Horeb Ministries is a work horse who can mix mescal like nobody's business.  Ever got permission to come home for the last two days of work and Mike said he was also unbelievable with his work skills.  On the last day he took on a special project where he built his family a porch to be able to walk up on to go into their new home they called their mansion which is exactly what this home is, a beautiful mansion.  
But in saying all this it is also very different without our North American families working beside these gentlemen.  Please pray with us 2022 will be a new year for more teams to actually come and work beside us and with us in this beautiful country called Honduras.  Mike and I are blessed to be able to be the hands and feet of Jesus at Monte de Horeb Ministries.

Mike Dedicates Home

 I am humbled to share I found out today my precious did the dedication over Ever, Maritsa, Jose and Marcos new home. This is the first time Mike has ever done this.  I cannot be more proud of him than I am right now.  He quoted scripture Psalm 127:1, "Unless the Lord builds the house, those who built it labor in vain".  He shared how grateful we all were to be apart of this dream come true for their family.  He also referenced those two beautiful sons they were raising and quoted scripture Matthew 7:24-25 "Building your home on a solid foundation" which is the word of God daily in your lives.  "You Ever as the leader of your home needs to see these boys are raised in God's Word daily.  Ever and Maritsa these boys rely on your leadership as Christian parents to guide their steps each and every day", replied Mike.  At this time Mike presented the family Bible and prayed over their home.  After the prayer Mike presented the family with their lock and key as they got to unlock their home for the first time.  God's timing is always perfect.  Never stop or give up on God.  In His perfect timing He will provide our needs.  Sometimes it may take longer than other times but if we are faithful and trust God with our whole heart our prayers will be answered.  Amen y amen.

Saturday, May 8, 2021

Mrs. Barbara's Second Home

 Mrs. Barbara, my new sister in Christ from Geneva, New York has built her second home this week along side her church family, Faith Community Church.  This church family has been faithful weekly ordering soups, breads or anything they desire and paying Mrs. Barbara for her delicious meals all for a precious family in Honduras to receive their home.
It would be my great pleasure to introduce Frances and Camila who are the proud honors of this home this week.  Maynard, husband and father to these two lovely ladies has a job as a security guard at a local Wendy's in Choluteca.  Praise God Maynard has a job in a country where this is not easy to maintain because of their high unemployment rate.  So we are grateful to God this week Maynard was not there to help build his home.  This family is a member of the church up in Las Uvas, Choluteca where Pastor Carlos preached about four years ago.  They are also family to our security guard Rudy.  There solicitation is two years old and so we are thankful to finally make their dream a reality.

Pastor Mark Prays Over First Block

 After all the preparation for this first block Meida gathered everyone around and gingerly Meida showed Frances and Camila where to place their hands as a gentleman was going to pray over their new home.  Mike called Pastor Mark from Faith Community Church and he was waiting and prepared to pray words of encouragement.  Mike and Meida both shared how he prayed only for the folks in front of this project this week, especially Maynard, Frances and Camila and their new home.  He prayed the home would be a home where Jesus would be glorified and shared with others.  Pastor Mark prayed for the construction of the home and the safety of all who were there to help the family get this dream come true.  Their mansion was finally coming to life for them after two years of praying and waiting for that phone call saying this is the week you are getting your home.  Thank you Pastor Mark for kind, gracious and most humble words of encouragement and hope to this family.  After the pray they all got busy with their challenges of head but with this prayer of hope they were well on their way to a God filled week serving this family in a mighty way.

First day was a challenge

 The first group of pictures is where they met their challenge of their first day.  The 800 cement blocks had to be carried a half mile to the foundation where the house was becoming a home.  The water came down the roads a way from a future neighbor's home.  Mike drove the Kia there twice a day for two days and filled up five barrels with water so this house could get build.  After the water got delivered he then turn the Kia into a block hauling vehicle.  He made numerous trip took get the blocks up for the entire week.  The two young men who were pulling a load of block with the cart were forever grateful for this help.  Meida this week unloading water and blocks off the Kia and mixed mescal.  She definitely earned her keep this week.  Translating was not in her job description this week, just hard labor for the Lord!!!!  As always this group of six plus local family and friends circled up each and every morning to pray for their day ahead.  We give God all the praise and honor for this first day where by the time they left there late that afternoon tired and exhausted they had accomplished their first day right on schedule.

God Continues to Build This Home

 On day four and five there was a lot of work to be done but the challenge was totally met by all.  The dirt was continuously being moved inside the home to get the floor ready for the concrete.  The sand was continually being sifted and mixed to make the mescal for the final stage of blocks.  Everyone was pushing with their all.  Mike said O'Neal very seldom was not mixing mescal all week.  He never stopped this strenuous labor of love for this family.  Because he realizes back in March his father got his home and how proud they all were of their new home as this family will be as well.  But as the time was coming after Pastor Carlos got the roof up and floor went down there was a light at the end of the tunnel called, homemade Honduran chicken soup.  Yes coming across the field from someone else's kitchen was Frances and her mother in law bringing soup for all those hard workers.  As we have been serving in Honduras for twelve years now, I would say most families kill a lot their free range chickens and fix this huge black kettle of chicken soup with yuka, corn, carrots, Honduran squash, Honduran bananas and sometimes a little rice.  It does not matter how hot it is outside this soup is super hot and so delicious going down.  It is like their huge way of saying thank you to each person you made those 800 blocks, 52 bags of cement, two doors and two windows and rebar into the most beautiful home ever.  

Thank You Meida and Yobani

 This week Meida was in charge of keeping Mr. Mike out of trouble along with enjoying the Honduran cuisine, Meida loves bean soup.  Yobani also has become quiet the skilled block cutter.  Mike started out cutting block one morning but he and Yobani shared this job now and it helps Mike be able to do other things like go get the water or blocks for this challenging week.  Mike even got the chance to sit in the shade in one of those amazing Honduran hammocks but as you can see was still giving out orders from afar. The walls quickly started going up even with all the many opportunities.  As Meida shared on the first day, God has put together just the team for this intense task ahead.  Yes and God did just that.  Mike said the group this week was amazing.  We hired Joni who lives in Pavana along side of Cristobal, Yobani, O'Neal, Meida, Mike  and of course Pastor Carlos.  God use every single gift these folks had to get HIS Kingdom work completed.  Praise God for all the small details this week!!!!

Home Dedication

 All good things must come to an end but this end was definitely bittersweet for Pastor Carlos and Maynard's family.  Pastor Carlos had the priviledge to be this family's pastor for several years up in Las Uvas.  Just like the entire church family this family came to love Pastor Carlos which is not hard to do at all.  So this was a very humbling experience for all here today.  Family and friends from Las Uvas made their way down the mountain which is about one hour on the bus to be here for this very special time.  Pastor Carlos shared from God's Word how this house is now a home and will be used to glorify God throughout this new neighborhood Maynard and his family.  What an awesome week this has been when during the week a gentleman who was a Christian came up to Pastor Carlos asking if the ministry could build the community a church.  Pastor Carlos asked is there a pastor in this community for this church.  The gentleman answered no. Pastor Carlos shared with Mike and I about this opportunity we shared with Pastor Carlos just a week prior to this conversation with the gentleman.  This young man just might be Pastor Carlos' first disciple under his new endeavor we have given him.  Pastor Carlos gift is definitely discipling and sharing the gospel.  He does this as he builds home and leads the church he is currently shepherding.  So pray with us as we see where God leads this opportunity for Maynard, Frances and Camila's new home. So as Pastor Carlos lead this dedication service at this home there was possibly some coverts for this community's new church family.  I cannot wait to see where God leads Pastor Carlos on this new ministry he will embark on.  He asked all to gather around the home so he could pray over this home to seal it totally with the love of our Lord.  Pastor Mark opened it with prayer the first day and Pastor Carlos closed this special time in prayer.  To God be the glory.

Final Product

 Mike shared with me Maynard, Frances and Camila still lived up in Las Uvas until yesterday when I know they did not wait for their floor to cure to perfection.  That is perfectly alright because God will protect this floor and this family from now and forever.  Maynard's two and half hours to work daily will not be cut into maybe one hour or less because of this new home.  Mrs. Barbara asked a very good question about Maynard stopping by daily to check on the progress of his home.  Well each day on the road to Las Uvas is the road this new home is actually on.  It is not directly on the road but five to ten minutes off the main road.  So I bet he took the time to go and check on his new home as he drove up the mountains to Las Uvas which means Frances and Camila came everyday on the bus to their new home to see the progress. Once again Mrs. Barbara thank you for your passion and love for a place called Honduras all because your grandson came eight years ago to Honduras and fell in love with these people like everyone who comes here does as well.  Thank you for Mrs. Barbara's enthusiasm she exuberates in her community and church family for Honduras.  There are too many names to mention of all the people she has touched with her Honduran story. The most precious part of this story Mrs. Barbara has never been to Honduras but she takes a lot of notes when we chat each week about what is going on in Honduras she knows very well all about this beautiful place Mike and I called our gift from God by choosing he and I to be the hands and feet of His Son Jesus Christ.  Praise God, amen y amen.

Friday, March 26, 2021

First Pastor's Conference held at Monte de Horeb

 On March 15, we picked up Pastor Matty Ponce de Leon at the Tegus airport with excitement and anticipation as we get ready to hold the first Pastor's conference. Pastor Matty has been several times before with teams from his church in North Carolina to evangelize in communities around the Choluteca area. This time he came by himself prepared to teach, share and learn from local pastors in southern Honduras. Most of his week was spent reviewing and preparing for his conferences which would start on Friday. He also worked on campus as needed, and went out one day with us and Pastor Carlos to visit families in need of housing to see the process of how it works.



Friday morning arrived and it was getting time to start the conference. As the men starting arriving we came to realize how far some had come and the time it took to get there. Two gentlemen rode 5 1/2 hours on back of trucks and buses to get here. Another man 79 years old rode his horse for 3 hours to get there. Others rode on motorcycles and taxis to get to campus.

 There were 3 main topics for the conferences that Pastor Matty was to lead.

First was "Doctrine of the Church", which included 3 one hour sessions which included topics of "Purpose of the Church", "Purity and Unity of the Church", "Power of the Church". These sessions had two translators assisting Pastor Matty, one directly translating and the other reading and writing down all the scripture references to go along with his teachings.

Second was "addictions" which included 2 sessions, "Understanding Addiction" and "Discipleship and the Addict". These sessions were focused on what the bible said about this and how the church should minister and accept people with these problems. A lot of times we as church members do not understand this but through God's word and pray, compassion for these people we can begin to understand and begin to help these people overcome their addiction. 

Third session was "Major Themes in Acts, Part 1". This was one session with a major focus on Act 1:8 - But ye shall receive power, after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you: and ye shall be witnesses unto me both in Jerusalem, and in all Judaea, and in Samaria, and unto the uttermost part of the earth. 

Friday night worship

Friday night after we all gather for worship, singing How Great thou Art, Remembering missionary couple Ralph and Sue Wilson who had recently past, who had had a big impact on a lot of these pastors lives over the years. The Wilsons had built most if not all the churches that the pastors currently serve at. Pastor Hector lead the message starting in Geneses 1:1-2.  Pastor Pedro and Pastor Juan led the music for the gentlemen who worshipped on Friday evening.